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“More Than Water”: Clark Water Corporation
Launches its Customer Service Commitments

Clark Water Corporation officially launches its customer service commitments on July 6th 2009 by disclosing the level of standards it commits to and the concept of the “Clark Water Guarantee”.

Clark Water Corporation will present the service commitments in person through a road show and a mailing campaign entitled “More than water”, wherein all Clark Water’s customers will receive a detailed brochure of the service commitments’ content and application.

In order to commemorate the official launch, customers will be invited to participate on a quiz game whereby winners will receive the compensation gift.

Service commitments concern all topics related to your water services, from requesting a new water service connection to being informed of water quality, and more. Each commitment corresponds to an action or a deadline to which the company commits.

The commitments are organized under three categories:
- Being available at all times,
- Providing clearer and more practical information,
- Helping you when you need it most.

In order to show that these commitments are not just promises, Clark Water Corporation has created “the Clark Water Guarantee”. If the company does not comply with its communicated commitments, it will compensate the customers by offering a gift on a systematic basis. Each time a non-compliance is detected, the customer will be compensated, without having to claim for it.

For more information, please contact Victor Rivera at:
Landline : 45 599-5757 loc.103 and/or 499-1051
Mobile Phone : +63 917 821 0169 and/or +63 923 658 4464

About Clark Water Corporation

Clark Water Corporation (CWC), a company providing water and wastewater services to the residents and locators of the Clark Freeport Zone by sourcing, treating, and distributing water as well as collecting, treating, and discharging wastewater.